There is no true world

There is no true world, wrote Nietzsche,
unhappily. What you believe to be true
is just what is true. What you believe
is what you saw of love before you knew
how to speak. And what you say now
is what you repeat to yourself about hope
or what is repeated by everyone on the news.
Nietzsche went on to say that a new,
divine way of thinking might emerge but I
think Nietzsche is probably mistaken
about this one, a little like a boy playing
king of his own castle while the business
of the official world carries on around him,
carries on in the kitchen down the hall
where what you learnt of love is happening
in the most haphazard way. Still
you might go on to dream in the early hours
of a new and divine way of thinking,
where what is apparent is exactly all
of what is and all that shines.

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