On a recent flight home from Europe the movie selection was so limited I decided, reluctantly, to watch The Time Traveler’s Wife. My reluctance was not due to movie snobbery (I have lowbrow taste), but because when I am tired and 30,000 feet above the ocean, manipulative, sentimental romances make me cry; not just sniffles, […]


In a falling Snowflake is the kingdom Of evergreen, where the night is Upon me. Yet it is I who chase the night Fleeting away in the golden skin Of a leaping doe, would seize By the throat the heedless flesh, bolt As it bleeds Into another, seamlessly, like a ribbon Of red silk of […]

Is This A Real Story Or Did You Make It Up?

Parents ask the question. School principals ask the question. Police ask the question. Journalists ask the question. What’s the story? The questioner has two expectations. He or she expects to find out what happened. He or she, at the same time, expects to receive a not-quite reliable version of what happened. You might, in answering, […]

It is a site only a beaver—or Sisyphus—could love.

Dam it All

It wasn’t quite what Jean Thie was looking for—he had been scanning satellite images of melting wetlands permafrost for signs of global warming—but the Canadian ecologist quickly recognized what he saw on Google Earth that October day in 2007. The crescent-shaped blob hiding in the southeast corner of Wood Buffalo National Park was a beaver […]


Welcome the Fall

Here’s the skinny: I am a fat woman. And I’m not talking fat in the way an average-sized woman might, as in, “Does my butt look big in these jeans?” I’m talking fat as in, “Jesus Christ, look at that woman over there; I can’t believe she’s eating in public.” Fat as in morbidly obese, […]

Catalogues for Bruegel

We go like a fog in an overgrown estate, the rich relative gone, the upper rooms darkened. We go like a world of lens grinder’s dust falling, a world stumbling into the darkness of a ditch. The slim catalogues we took over time of our green world, the ripe fruit and the animals darkened under […]