Editor’s Note

Welcome to Eighteen Bridges Magazine

Here’s what we learned: starting a magazine is not as easy as you might think. We knew what we were getting into (approximately), that in the current climate starting a magazine-one with a masthead and art and photos and everything else that involves showcasing vivid, absorbing, long-form narrative journalism-was tantamount to setting off from base camp at the start of avalanche season. We understood that. At least, we thought we did.

We set out anyway, because we were angry that Saturday Night died. Because so many of the best writers in the countryNational Magazine Award winners, international award winners, bestsellerswere having trouble finding places to tell their stories. We did it because so many magazines were narrowing their mandates to pinpoints so small you couldn’t even call them niches. And we did it because space restrictions were impinging on the writer’s world; sure, brevity is the soul of wit, but scope is often the soul of a good story.

As we developed our incontrovertible strategy for success, boom became bust in Alberta. Reality set in, the reality of red tape, of resources (human and fiscal) disappearing, of our own energy and desire waxing and waning. But, astoundingly, the occasional setback became irrelevant to a process that had gained its own momentum through the many faithful allies we had garnered along the way. A bridge had begun to construct itself. Without our realizing when exactly it had happened, Eighteen Bridges, the magazine, was no longer merely an idea. And it was no longer just our idea, either.

And so we present our first issue. Many of the stories in this issue take on one aspect or another of the role science plays in our culture. Our goal is to have a loose theme with every future issue, but to leave room for other stories by writers dying to share what they know and feel. Another goal is to have future issues. We hope to publish as a quarterly, but we will adjust our schedule according to your response. (Do we need to spell it out? Please subscribe.)

For our first issue, we mostly wanted to say that we created this magazine for a very simple reason: because we love stories that connect. We believe that a society cannot thrive without them, and that we will be all the poorer if we lack spirited outlets to share stories that inform, entertain and sustain. We believe this, and we hope you feel the same way.


Curtis Gillespie & Lynn Coady
The Editors


A THANK YOU: The first issue of Eighteen Bridges magazine could not have happened without the contributions of many people and organizations, and we owe them a great debt of thanks: Carl Amrhein, Rob Appleford, Erin Berney, Joyce Byrne, Marie Carriere, Timothy Caulfield, Sean Caulfield, Cathy Condon, Garrett Epp, Madeleine Floyd, Pamela Freeman, Craille Maguire Gillies, Scott Graham, Andrew Greenshaw, Don Groot, Robyn Hyde-Lay, Laird Hunter, Patricia Johnston, Gary Kachanoski, Ruth Kelly, Eva Kilinska, Kim Larson, Stephanie Laskoski, Jared Majeski, Barbara Poole, Peter Poole, Luis Schang, Doug Stollery, Catherine Swindlehurst, the University of Alberta (the Faculty of Arts, the Health Law Institute, the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Office of the Vice President of Research, CIRCA, and TAPoR), Paul Wilson, Daniel Woolf, Oliver Yonge and Heather Zwicker.