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Short stories of interest

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Three-Ring Meal: The Grasping Novelty of Modern Dining

I sat frozen, wanting to reach for my wine. My extremities had long ago been numbed by the cold but the syrah was icing over. With two layers of thermal underwear, a parka, and wearing my puffiest down-filled winter mittens, every manoeuvre required precision. I reached out, formed my hand into a claw, advanced it […]


Law Is Elsewhere

A friend and I recently walked into a dark cave-like room full of young, cool men and women. Most seemed to have tattoos, piercings, and smartphones. We didn’t fit in, though it wasn’t at all uncomfortable. We were at the nightclub/bar to attend a Toronto lecture series called Trampoline Hall, a monthly lecture series with […]

Rothko Via Muncie, Indiana

The 1980s. Beginning of the long decade, the century’slate works. Snow on the grid, field bisectedby a late model John Deere’s progress in low gearwith a front-end load of straw bales. Its operator’s daughterdons her brace, thinks her scoliosis the devil’s workon her, a not-good-enough Christian. Her mother talksscripture on the phone in the kitchen […]


Dogs of the world, anonymouswanderers, moral conundrums,I find them by the road,scavenging milk cartonsthrown from the bus:feist pups galled with mange,old hounds, blind and lame,at the end of their utility. Such I once whispered secrets toand begged to keepand was commandedto lead into the woodsto execute and bury.And my father was not a bad man.And […]


I.(The pursed turf blowing bubbles.)(A broken string of freshwater pearlsor molars impacted in a grassy gum.) (Firm, the female smell on your fingers),(edible, packed with cool, white roe; the fried flesha savoury foam). (It roosts on its byssus of fine, mycelial hair, and scans the rare vapour-trails and glimmers in the dark–ening, and ripens in its socket.) II.